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In 2016, I decided it was time to change the world. Just kidding. I quit my job as an engineer at a well known fruit company to pursue an endeavor that my high school teachers had always refused to support me in, mostly because it never came up: making jerky.

I knew that I had a one in a million jerky recipe perfected through years of trial and error. And I knew that I wanted to build a brand that catered to fun, discerning consumers, while providing a consistently high quality product. But most importantly, I wanted it to be a product that I could be proud of sharing with you, and that you could be proud of sharing with your own friends and family.

They say the absolute worst time to launch a brand is in an overly saturated market with competitors that have unlimited financial backing. But then again, they also say not to put all of your eggs in one basket, which anyone who’s ever transported eggs before knows is a complete lie. I don’t take advice from liars, so here we are.    

Tailspin Jerky is a protein rich, preservative free, delicious snack for anyone, at any time. But mostly it’s a delicious snack for you, right now.

Stay tasty.

- SB

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